Chicago’s West Loop Restaurants

As boites on the ever-changing Randolph Street come and go (we miss you, Veerasway), here’s the ultimate guide to eating and drinking the corridor now.

Kari Skaflen
OF 22

For years in south Chicago, West Randolph Street and the West Loop, the neighborhood that coils around the industrial throughway, were a veritable wasteland of warehouses and abandoned industry. When chef Paul Kahan opened Blackbird in 1997 and then Avec in 2003, he brought fine dining to the area like manna in the desert. But it was a good seven years later, when Stephanie Izard’s Girl and the Goat opened in 2010, that Randolph Street really exploded. Now Chicagoans refer to it as Restaurant Row, with its lineup of culinary world heavy hitters making it the city’s ultimate dining destination—one that never seems to stop evolving and attracting talent. Why not start on the west end of the street and feast all the way east?