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February 29, 2012

Wine Delivery—By the Glass

By Jamie Wiebe | Wine

Wine Delivery—By the Glass
Courtesy TastingRoom.com

Buying a new bottle of wine can be risky: for the occasional oenophile, there’s the danger that bottle of Bordeaux might oxidize weeks after the first glass. Or maybe the gleaming reviews forgot to mention a slight vanilla undertone that turns your Sauvignon Blanc into Sauvignon blech. In restaurants, curious diners can try a glass before committing themselves to the bottle, but home connoisseurs often make decisions taste-untested. Starting March 1, TastingRoom.com’s wine-by-the-glass service will deliver high-end wines straight to the doorstep in convenient 100 ml servings. The company uses a patented, zero-oxygen chamber to transfer the wine, guaranteeing samplers the same full-bodied taste they’d get directly from the bottle. Solar-powered Napa winery Silver Oak is the first brand to offer up their vintages for trial-by-glass; their 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon will be available for $19 per glass ($70 for a set of four). TastingRoom.com