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June 14, 2011

Whim: BookBook

By Jordan Kisner | Whims

Despite the many delights afforded us by portable computers, no one takes pleasure in lugging a laptop from place to place in a purse or a briefcase. Twelve South, a design firm that caters exclusively to Mac users, is out to change that, adding a little whimsy to an arduous task. The BookBook, one of 12 Twelve South accessories designed for Apple products each year, is a carrying case that disguises laptop computers as vintage books. The case features two leather hardback covers that are distressed by hand, lined with velvet and bound by a sturdy, weathered spine. When zipped shut and tucked in a purse, it looks like a tome plucked from the darkest corners of the library, stealthily misdirecting potential thieves and lending a literary air to even the most plugged-in tech lover.

Available in red and black, from $80. BookBook and other Twelve South products, including cases and accessories for the iPad, are available at twelvesouth.com.

Photo Courtesy of Twelve South LLC