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November 11, 2013

T. Anthony Luggage Goes Old School

By Shivani Vora | Travel

T. Anthony Luggage Goes Old-School
Jason Acton

T. Anthony, designer of handmade luggage, has teamed up with The Chatwal hotel (130 W. 44th St.; 212-764-6200; thechatwalny.com) for a limited-edition, five-piece canvas travel set called The Chatwal Collection. The pieces ($1,000–$1,525), meant to capture the feel of 1920s ocean-liner travel, include two suitcases, a hatbox, a jewelry case and a makeup case.

“I’ve always loved T. Anthony luggage and wanted to work with them in some way,” says Joel Freyberg, general manager at The Chatwal. “So I came up with the idea of luggage that was reflective of the hotel and, luckily, they were very responsive.”

The dark red hue, leather details and nickel hardware mimic the hotel’s lobby, which is adorned with red leather chairs, long brown banquettes and nickel appointments on everything from light fixtures to the front-desk bell. The connection is clear. “I wanted the luggage to blend in so well with the aesthetic of the hotel,” says Freyberg, “that it looks like a piece of furniture in the lobby. 445 Park Ave.; tanthony.com.