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Rimowa Launches a Classic Luggage Line

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Courtesy of Rimowa

Rimowa first introduced its aluminum luggage in 1937 to address a travel problem experienced by Europeans who had begun to holiday in the Caribbean and Africa. The leather trunks used at the time could not withstand the humid climates, resulting in travelers arriving with (in essence) sweaty luggage. In 1950, the luggage purveyor took a cue from the material used on JU-52 aircrafts—lightweight yet resilient duralumin alloy—and introduced its now-trademarked cases.

Continuing the legacy, the new Classic Flight line features cases (from $595) with solid handcrafted leather handles, decorative inner linings and nostalgic packing straps inspired by the dawn of adventurous travel. To celebrate the advent of the collection, Rimowa sent out a vintage JU-52 with its original BMW engine. The plane took off in Cologne, Germany, for a whirlwind tour, stopping in Denver, Toronto and Los Angeles, where celebrities like Australian actor Chris Hemsworth and Emmy-winner Aaron Paul came out to see the aptly named “Flying Suitcase” in all its glory. Available at Rimowa stores worldwide;


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