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November 21, 2013

Once-in-a-Lifetime Trips by Private Jet

By Ingrid Skjong | Travel

Around the World by Private Jet
Courtesy of Intrav

When Linda Wischmeyer, president of the private-jet company Intrav, is asked what surprises people most about the brand of flying she deals in, her answer is simple. “That this type of bespoke, first-class, around-the-world travel even exists,” she says.

Intrav’s itineraries for 2014 and 2015 do sound nearly too good to be true. Its inaugural Timeless Destinations trip (April 7–May 1, 2014 or September 8–October 2, 2014; from $99,950) focuses on eight destinations—including Rio de Janeiro, Bora Bora and Istanbul—and is a classic around-the-world journey that recalls a style of travel that really hasn’t been experienced in decades.

Other expeditions include an African journey (February 26–March 21, 2015; from $65,950) through the likes of Madagascar, Marrakech and Tanzania, and a Seven Wonders trip around the globe (January 31–February 24, 2015; from $109,950) that touches down in Bali; Lima, Cuzco and Machu Picchu, Peru; Easter Island, Chile; Fes, Morocco; Sri Lanka; Rwanda and the north or south island of New Zealand. Getting there really is half the fun, thanks to no fatiguing connections and Intrav’s custom-designed Boeing 757-200ER. Big enough for 50 passengers, the plane is flush with details like 180-degree flat-bed seats throughout the cabin, in-flight WiFi, an on-board chef and caterer and an open bar.

“Intrav recognizes that people are seeking highly personalized experiences that leave them with enriching memories long after their bags are unpacked,” says Wischmeyer. “We offer more than a trip. It’s a transcendent journey that leaves an indelible memory.” Call for prices; 206-209-5770; intravjet.com.