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August 10, 2011

Global: Jet-Set Into Shape

By Marnie Hanel | Travel

French women Jet-setters don't get fat. Photo courtesy of Escape to Shape

It's the rare holiday in which you hop back on the plane feeling fitter and more fabulous than you did when you left home. For a vacation from your vacation, Escape to Shape offers guilt-free getaways year-round. Think traveling spa.

ISTANBUL, TURKEY (August 20-27): Shop for spices at the Grand Bazaar before teaming up with a trainer to bike and hike. Dine on healthful Mediterranean cuisine. From $3,300.

CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA (October 9-15): Lounge by the pool at a 16th-century mansion between salsa lessons, yoga clinics and massages. From $3,000.

ANGKOR WAT, CAMBODIA (February 18-25): Practice your Ujjayi breathing amidst temple ruins. Then take a private boating trip to a floating village. From $3,500.

BALI, INDONESIA (March 3-10): Trek rice paddies and experience a Balinese cleansing ceremony during this yogalates intensive. From $3,500. 601/818-8137;

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