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April 23, 2014

Self Help: A New Personal Coaching App

By Sasha Levine | Technology

Self Help: A New Personal Coaching App
Courtesy of My Personal Coach

Best-selling author and former professor of psychology Angella Nazarian has spent years writing about the path toward successful leadership and a more meaningful life. Her latest venture—the My Personal Coach app (itunes.com; angellanazarian.com)—puts her research at your fingertips, offering access to a completely customized personal-growth plan. We chatted with her about the new digital approach.

Q: Tell us about the inspiration behind the app.
As a psychologist who has led so many personal-growth seminars and groups, I wanted to create a personal workbook for my clients for their daily inspiration and insight. Since we spend so much time on our phones, I thought the best way of integrating goals, exercises and reminders was through a coaching app. In essence, My Personal Coach works as a partner in motivating you on a daily basis by focusing on your priorities, relationships, environment and strengths.

Q: What went into its design?
A great program for change needs to be multidimensional. Living a life around our key talents and strengths is crucial, so I wanted to make sure that there is a test for clients to home in on theirs. Relationships, thought patterns, environments and the way we prioritize our life are also key factors in empowered living, so I integrated goals and challenges for these coaching zones as well.

Q: Who is the app for?
It is helpful for anyone who wants a daily dose of inspiration along with some useful hints in approaching their life mindfully and with more vigor. I always tell my clients that you cannot change your life until you change something you do every day. My Personal Coach app is set up to be your partner and cheerleader—to help you focus on leveraging your strength to be more effective on a daily basis.

Q: Have you learned anything new?
It’s like any project I take on—you start with a vision and you continue to improve upon it until it’s ready to be released into the world. I feel that this app is an extension of me in that it brings to life the ideas and positivity that promote growth, which I feel so passionate about.