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December 04, 2013

Ping-Pong's Extravagant Upgrade

By Sasha Levine | sports

Ping-Pong’s Extravagant Upgrade
Courtesy of The Standard

After decades of enduring a less than elegant reputation in basements and rec rooms, Ping-Pong returns to its luxe roots, thanks to The Standard hotel and SPiN Galactic’s exclusive table ($5,995).

Like every custom table The Standard features at its properties—an amenity that has become an integral part of the hotel’s culture since it opened in 1999—the SPiN Standard Table has a solid-wood, black-matte base; a custom STIGA playing surface in signature Standard red; a sleek white centerline; a removable net; and solid steel hardware.

The elements reintroduce refinement to a sport that began as a sophisticated after-dinner tradition in 19th-century Britain, when paddles were made from the lids of cigar boxes and balls were carved from Champagne corks. Using innovative craftsmanship and modern design, this new table upholds the game’s civilized origins while offering a state-of-the-art playing experience—a win by any measure. standardhotels.myshopify.com.