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Courtesy of The Singular Patagonia

Old bones are breeding new, industrial-chic beginnings, and The Singular Patagonia, located in Puerto Bories, Chile, is no exception. Converted from a cold-storage plant into a five-star luxury hotel in 2011, it recently transformed its hundred-year-old blacksmith forge into an authentic Patagonian grill called El Asador.

“Maintaining the structure, historical connection and integrity of the space was first and foremost,” says Singular’s managing partner Nicolas Sahli, a fourth-generation descendant of the pioneers who built the factory. “We want guests to feel a deep connection to the history of the property and how it is synonymous with the region of Patagonia.”

The restaurant showcases the original infrastructure and uses salvaged materials from the original construction. The large communal table, the bar and the barstools were made using wood from old pillars; the late-19th-century antique forge and other pieces of machinery were all restored.

The menu focuses on local staples like lamb, hare, beef and the camel-like guanaco, all cooked over an open fire. “El Asador, which translates to 'grill' or 'spit,' is a part of Patagonian estancias,” says Sahli. “Our version, as with most other aspects of the hotel, pays homage to that particular tradition, however in a slightly elevated manner.” Room rates start at $360; 56-2/954-0480;


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