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April 28, 2011

Zico Introduces…Chocolate!

By Jordan Kisner | Lifestyle


Where once the options for post-workout beverages were limited to water (boring), juice (sugary) or Gatorade (neon), now the thirsty have coconut water, which has taken over as the healthiest way to hydrate. Packed with potassium and rich in electrolytes, coconut water has found fans among competitive and recreational athletes alike, even taking hold among non-athletes as a nutritious, all-natural alternative to soda.

Of the many brands available, the Departures staff has long favored Zico for its modish design and clean, not-too-sweet taste. So we were excited to learn of the company's recent new version, chocolate. Its previous attempts at flavoring—mango, passion fruit, lima citron, pineapple, pomberry—have been appealing but expected variations on a theme. Chocolate coconut water, however, promises to be something altogether different, introducing a hint of indulgence into a product that has until now represented a certain degree of asceticism. Comfortingly, the ingredients remain all-natural: water harvested from green coconuts, a touch of coconut cream, cocoa and cane sugar.

The verdict? Delicious and still light, thought perhaps better as a reward for completing that spinning class than the drink to keep by your side throughout. For a special treat, try popping it in the freezer for a few minutes beforehand. You’ll never crave chocolate milk again. Zico is available at most major grocery stores and online at zico.com.