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March 09, 2011


By Dispatch Departures | Lifestyle


Despite their sleek lines and modern looks, most computers lack character: They all look more or less the same. Not those designed by Southern California-based technical artist Richard "Doc" Nagy, who builds custom monitors, laptops and accessories from materials like brass, marble, copper and wood. The two latest additions to his four-year-old line are both keyboards: The Silver Marquis, made from polished aluminum with chaise-longue curves and engraved silver acrylic keys, and the New Yorker, a brass-and-aluminum style inspired by the Art Deco look of the Chrysler building, with the owner's initials engraved on the space bar. Available for Macs or PCs, both models are made to order and take two to four weeks to construct. Nagy's next project, due out in May, is the Clacker, a full setup complete with keyboard, LCD screen, speakers, table and matching chair, all done in high Victorian style. Other quirky-cool gadgets available now include a Scrabble keyboard made from real game tiles. Silver Marquis, from $1,500; New Yorker, from $2,800. For more information, email datamancer@datamancer.net.

Photo Richard Nagy of Datamancer.net