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July 06, 2011

Online: Ultimate Ears Custom Headphones

By Departures Dispatch | Lifestyle


Ultimate Ears knows that like a fingerprint, the shape of every ear is different, so it's no coincidence that 75 percent of the world's top touring musicians use custom earphones to hear live concert feed and get the most out of any listening experience. It starts with a visit to an audiologist, who makes a mold of the client's ear (Ultimate Ears has a directory of physicians who do this). From there, the company handcrafts earbuds that fit the canals perfectly, thus drastically eliminating outside noise and acoustic interference. The technology inside the pieces is equally impressive: Depending on the model selected, each earbud can hold up to six tiny speakers dedicated to low, midrange and high frequencies. For its latest design, Ultimate Ears partnered with Capitol Records to create In-Ear Reference Monitors with a three-speaker design tuned to a flat response curve, and a tightly braided cable that reduces sound friction and eliminates the Y-joint connector. Most of the models are designed for industry professionals, but some, like the 4 Pro Custom monitors, are perfect for any audiophile. From $400 at ultimateears.com.

Photo Courtesy Ultimate Ears by Logitech