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Inside Noma

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As women who regularly color their hair know all too well, beauty is pain. The hours-long process often leaves the scalp red and burnt. And then of course there are the potent chemical fumes the dye releases. L'Oréal Professionnel has changed all that with INOA, an odorless, ammonia-free solution that actually moisturizes and thickens hair. The secret behind INOA (Innovation, No Ammonia) is its Oil Delivery System, a new technology that uses an alkaline called monoethanolamine to impart the color, eliminating the ammonia—and, as a result, the noxious smell—from the mix. "With INOA, you have to do an extra shampoo because the oil is so rich. It's like giving your hair an olive-oil treatment," says Kathleen Flynn Hui, senior colorist at Manhattan's Salon AKS, which was the first U.S. salon to introduce the product. (When INOA launched in Paris last year, it was so popular that the company didn't have enough inventory to send to the States.) Until recently, salons may not have believed an ammonia-free product could provide the desired coverage. But the response in Europe has proven otherwise, and the trend is growing stateside. "I do eighteen clients a day, all with INOA," says Hui. "You should treat your hair like you do your face. You have to protect it." From $110 at Salon AKS. At 689 Fifth Ave.; 212-888-0707; For other salons with INOA, go to

Photo Courtesy L'Oreal Professionnel


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