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February 28, 2011


By Thomas Dunne | Golf


© Courtesy Callaway Golf

Last October, Lamborghini
lit up the Paris Auto Show with its Sesto Elemento concept car—a matte-gray
dream machine that made extensive use of advanced carbon-fiber technology to
weigh in at a feathery 2,202 pounds. Now Callaway Golf has partnered with the
legendary automaker for its new RAZR
Hawk driver
, released last week, which utilizes the same technology. The
advantage conferred by carbon fiber is simple: It’s much lighter than titanium,
allowing for greater acceleration in a sports car and greater clubhead speed in
a driver.

Composite materials aren’t
new to the golf industry, but the challenge has always been how to use them
without compromising the clubhead’s structural integrity. Back in the mid-’00s,
manufacturers were only able to build a potato chip–sized piece of composite
into the crown, so the weight savings were fairly insignificant. Most companies
eventually let the trend pass—more than 90 percent of drivers on the market
today are all titanium. The RAZR Hawk, however, is the first-ever driver to
feature carbon fiber in both the crown and the sole. (The clubface is still forged titanium.) This weight savings,
Callaway says, reduces energy loss during the downswing by 43 percent over the
company’s previous offering

The visual affinity between
the RAZR Hawk and the Sesto Elemento is obvious. Is this savvy marketing by
association? Sure. But with the Sesto Elemento estimated to sell for a cool
$3.5 million and unlikely to enter even limited production, Callaway’s promise
of adding a few extra yards on your drive is probably the more attainable

is part of a full equipment line that includes fairway woods, a hybrid designed
with input from Phil Mickelson, and three sets of irons. $400;