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March 20, 2012

UMAMIcatessen Opens in Los Angeles

By Susan Michals | Food

UMAMIcatessen Opens in Los Angeles
Courtesy UMAMIcatessen

Remember the food court at the mall? The 21st century’s hipper, trendier, and infinitely more delicious version has arrived – UMAMIcatessen. Located in Los Angeles’ ever-evolving downtown, the newly opened UMAMIcatessen is a 6600 square foot complex comprised of five different concept restaurants. Umami Burger, the latest offshoot of the Umami Burger empire, whips up everything from a wild shrimp patty infused with Japanese spices, (aka, the Shrimp Burger with Yuzu-Kosho) to the Earth Burger, made of edamame and mushrooms, topped with truffled ricotta cheese and white soy aioli. The Cure offers the delights of a traditional kosher deli, and Spring for Coffee and & a Donut satisfy with fried-to-order donuts and organic soft-serve. But the real star is PIGG, which experiments with porcine preparations from all over the world—including edgy creations like "Brainaise," a sauce similar to mayonnaise but made with pig brains. Order “Around the World in 8 Hams,” which features the chef’s choices from a two-story glass tower displaying a nonstop rotating selection of pork for your viewing —and dining— pleasure.

846 South Broadway; 213-413-8626; http://www.umami.com/umamicatessen