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August 08, 2014

Subscription to Have: Try the World

By Sasha Levine | Food

Subscription to Have: Try the World
Photo courtesy of Cory Pavitt

Subscription boxes may be a dime a dozen these days, but every so often something special arrives at our door. While we already call on Monthly Express for all our beauty needs, it’s Try the World we’ll turn to for gourmet goods, sourced from around the globe.

Every two months, members receive a new mint-green box filled with treats from a different city—Paris, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Istanbul and New Delhi, in that order. While the sequence stays the same, the products from each locale will differ each time a new box is shipped. (Don’t like a particular city? Feel free to skip it at any time. Or order each à la carte.)

Curated with the help of in-the-know local experts—chef Christophe Schmitt of Le Diane; French DJs Marvin and Oscar; and filmmaker Nicolas Slomka all contributed to the recent Paris selection—each box is an authentic collection of premium goodies not easily found anywhere else. (The latest Tokyo box, for example, came with Morinaga, an iconic caramel candy with over 100 years of history.)

Complete with a playlist, movie recommendations and local tips, Try the World does more than give a small taste of the world’s unique cuisines; it invites its travel-savvy members along for the ride from the comfort of their own kitchens. trytheworld.com.