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Fitness Find: A New Technogym Line

Photo courtesy of Technogym

Feeling in control of one’s fitness is essential these days, and at the forefront of the movement is renowned Italian brand Technogym, which recently debuted its new ARTIS line of workout equipment at the Four Seasons hotel (57 E. 57th St.; 212-758-5700;, the first place to showcase it.

The 30 pieces of cardio, strength and functional equipment (from $5,000) feel less like clunky, linear machines and more like full experiences, thanks to clever interactive additions. The treadmill features delightfully realistic virtual course options and the smoothest interval-training transitions we’ve ever experienced, segueing from a walk to a modest jog to a faster run with virtually no jarring skips. Ergonomically placed screens on strength machines keep resistance training on target by displaying how fast a movement is performed and if its full range of motion is being reached.

Useful high-tech additions abound. The MyWellness cloud stores shareable personal progress and workout data; web cams allow for long-distance training sessions; a cardio interface called UNITY is compatible with fitness-tracking apps like MapMyFitness and RunKeeper; and a sustainable feature recycles a percentage of energy generated back into the system.

The bottom line is ARTIS feels as good as it looks, with details that add a layer of responsiveness not normally found in machines. And the bells and whistles actually serve a purpose, helping trainers to further tailor programs for clients and ensuring users learn to execute exercises correctly. How progressive is that?


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