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Equipment Upgrade: Tough Skin

Jihae likes to clear her head by walking on the beach. It’s a place she finds calming. Fendi top and skirt.

Body and Mind

How Jihae of ‘Succession’ Found Her Flow State

Travel as a tool for cultivating compassion, the power of conscious breathing, and...

An Epic Scent


An Epic Scent

Reflections on jasmine perfume and its enduring potency.

Innovation in the world of vegan meat products has yielded a new crop of elevated culinary offerings.

Food and Drink

The Future of Plant-Based Food

These three Bay Area companies are leading the way when it comes to innovation,...

Courtesy Lineaus Athletic Company

Lineaus Hooper Lorette, 66, a gay Communist accountant, makes $425 custom medicine balls from his workshop in Marfa, Texas. Using full-grained leather from a Wisconsin tannery and the same tannage as a baseball glove, he can turn out two balls a day, filling them with soft-cotton thread. “It’s amazing how heavy a ball full of cotton can be,” says Lorette, who likes its cooperative nature. “You need someone to catch it and return it.” And as for a Communist creating a decidedly elitist medicine ball? “The proletariat is working,” says Lorette. “They don’t have to exercise.” A ten-inch medicine ball from the Lineaus Athletic Company costs $425; a 16-inch is $800;


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