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April 03, 2013

Aerospace System of Sleek

By Ingrid Skjong | Fitness

Aerospace System of Sleek
Courtesy of Aerospace

A workout that excites the brain as much as the body is a rare find, which is why System of Sleek—a new class at New York's Aerospace High Performance Center—is destined to be a favorite.

The brainchild of Aerospace founder Michael Olajide Jr., a former middleweight boxing champion, the three-month-old, four-part series comes at the body from all angles. Aerosculpt hones in on abs; Aerojump cranks up cardio with jump roping; Aerobox lets blistering-fast punch combinations fly; and Aerowheels works the legs.

Olajide, who whips the likes of models Doutzen Kroes and Adriana Lima (pictured above) into shape, pushes each portion of the class to its maximum, stressing power, endurance, speed, coordination and, perhaps most important, focus.

“You walk before you run, jump before you fly,” he says. “It’s like the evolutionary process of anything. You do it in increments and you must show a lot of patience with yourself, because you are learning a real skill that will benefit you for a lifetime.”

The classes leave little time to think about how challenging it all is. Jumping rope, a fat-burning front-runner, is nearly hypnotic once you get the hang of it; top-speed repetitions of combination punches (Olajide is generous enough to start them off slowly) require concentration, delivering exhausted—though ultra-toned—muscles by the end.

A System of Sleek four-DVD set features seven similar workouts, some as short as ten minutes, that can be done anywhere, with or without a jump rope or hand weights. The moves get results, making the drive to get fit—even at home or in a hotel room—as strong as it is in the studio.

“If you are doing something cool and fun that can really do what it’s advertised to do,” Olajide says, “then that’s pretty motivating.” At 336 W. 13th St.; 212-929-1688; aerospacenyc.com.