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September 27, 2012

Duohtavuohta’s Eco-Friendly Winter Collection

By Francesca Giacco | Fashion

Duohtavuohta coat
Photo courtesy of Duohtavuohta

Sometimes looking good is a girl’s best defense against the deep chill of winter. And the new winter collection from Duohtavuohta can help achieve just that, thanks to a healthy dose of luxury and eco-consciousness. Situated in Finnish Lapland, the brand uses sustainable materials exclusively, creating sumptuous outerwear from reindeer leather, wool and natural furs. (Picture an environmentally friendly version of Julie Christie’s Russian winter wear in Doctor Zhivago.)

“The Aksovaara coat, made of silky-soft reindeer leather with eye-catching Finn raccoon fur trimmings, is my all-time favorite piece,” says Wille Rajala, Duohtavuohta’s founder and CEO. “It has a feminine and luxurious flair, and is a masterpiece of craftsmanship that is made by hand in three days. It is our most popular style and a true classic from our collection.” Aksovaara coat, $6,000; Available at Brass Ranch, 1 Sun Valley Rd., Sun Valley, Idaho; 208-622-2021; duohtavuohta.com.