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A Bentley Collection of Handbags

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Courtesy of Bentley

British luxury car brand Bentley is giving handbags its famous handcrafted touch with a limited-edition, 160-piece collection debuting next month. Taking cues from the renowned vehicles—smooth-grained calfskin, lambskin, polished hardware with the same textured finish as the controls of a Bentley—the accessories are a natural extension of the storied automaker.

Daniele Ceccomori, the company’s head of product design, collaborated with designer Vincent du Sartel, who in his 20-plus-year career has created leather goods with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Cartier. “The craftsmanship of the interior of the Bentley has much in common with the great couture houses and ateliers, and the handbags incorporate our expertise in leather and stitching as well as design,” Ceccomori explains.

Choose from two styles: The classic Barnato ($7,000), named after the late Diana Barnato-Walker, company muse, high-spirited socialite and daughter of Bentley chairman Woolf Barnato; and the sporty Continental ($5,500), which eponymously honors the fastest line of Bentley autos. Crafted at a manufacturer in Tuscany, the bags come in a handful of colors (black, reds, blues) and mirror the cars in interesting ways. Their silhouettes are drawn from the horseshoe shape on the trunks and the split side panels mimic the wing-shaped buttresses of dashboards. The Continental even has the same cross-stitching as its namesake’s steering wheel. Arrange a viewing appointment at


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