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Olatz Schnabel’s New Interior Design Firm

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Ron Lessard / Courtesy Interiors by Olatz

For more than a decade, Olatz Schabel has been celebrated among New York’s design cognoscenti for two reasons: first, for her role as the longtime muse and partner to celebrity artist Julian Schnabel; second, for her own line of opulent bespoke linens and loungewear (sold out of an expansive, checkerboard tile-floored shop in the West Village). Now, the art world has a third reason to keep Olatz top of mind: the launch of her new interior design firm, Designs by Olatz. As of this month, Olatz and her team will be bringing her signature aesthetic—an eclectic mélange of vintage furnishings, artworks, and crisp textiles in colors that recall the Mediterranean port towns where she’s made her part-time home—to discerning home and commercial property owners. Among the services she’ll offer her clients (besides the traditional selection of furnishings, fixtures, and fabrics) are custom product design, branding consultation, and obtaining one-of-a-kind pieces (or “objets trouvés”).


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