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December 02, 2013

A Super-Exclusive Fragrance Collaboration

By Shivani Vora | Beauty

A Super-Exclusive Fragrance Collaboration

Lancôme takes an extra-indulgent approach to gifts this year with an exclusive presentation of its year-old fragrance La Vie Est Belle. Teaming up with legendary Swiss music-box maker Reuge and crystal purveyor Baccarat, the brand has released a limited-edition collectible called La Vie Est Belle L'édition Féérique ($35,000): A bottle of La Vie Est Belle housed in a handmade music box with a mini Baccarat chandelier of nearly 200 crystals hanging above it. Just 15 of them were made.

The music box plays “Beautiful Days,” a song by the Belgian band Venus that was featured in the fragrance’s original campaign starring Julia Roberts. Its 144 notes—deciphered by Reuge using a process that involves a special keyboard of blades that vary in length according to each tone—ring out by pressing a button as the vase turns and the bottle catches the light.

Interpreting the spirit of the scent (lush with iris, patchouli and sweet culinary notes) was no small task, and creating one of these showstoppers is an absolute labor of love: Each takes 120 days of work by hand to produce. neimanmarcus.com.