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November 13, 2012

Skincare by Dr. Imber

By Deborah Frank | Beauty

Skincare by Dr. Imber
© James T. Murray.

When Manhattan plastic surgeon Gerald Imber introduced his Youth Corridor line of antiaging products three years ago, we were impressed with the potency of the formula and its strong concentration of vitamin C, vitamin E and melatonin—an antioxidant blend that proved to lighten our dark spots faster than any other we had tried. So with the release of the new Boost 2.0 serum, we wondered, Why mess with perfection? “The more vitamin C you can get into your skin, the better,” says Dr. Imber. “This formulation has 50 percent more active vitamin C, or ascorbic acid.” And though we found the smell stronger as well—“Honey, it ain’t perfume”—it does go away after 15 seconds. “You know you’re dealing with something serious when you open the bottle,” Dr. Imber says. $145; youthcorridor.com.