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November 13, 2012

Leg Therapy

By Deborah Frank | Beauty

Spider veins, those unsightly blue starbursts that appear mostly on the legs, affect 50 percent of women and 20 percent of men. Dr. Luis Navarro, founder and medical director of New York’s Vein Treatment Center, is known for his advancements in pain-free procedures with fast results.

Q: What are the latest techniques for vein-free legs?

A: Cryo Sclerotherapy, in which freezing air of negative 22 degrees Fahrenheit is blasted on the skin while a chemical solution is injected to constrict the veins and make them disappear; the use of foam and milder solutions to avoid blood clots; and polarized light to see more veins deeper in the tissue.

Q: How big a difference is Cryo in terms of pain?

A: It’s a whole other level. Sclerotherapy requires 50 to 100 shots; sometimes you barely feel them, but after 100 pinpricks, anxiety can set in. Using the Cryo device to cool the area, especially sensitive parts like around the ankle and on the back of the knee, helps eliminate any uncomfortable feelings.

Q: Are there other benefits?

A: The ice-cold air keeps the veins constricted for a certain amount of time, which minimizes black-and-blue marks and eliminates the need to wear support hose for days afterward.

Sessions start at $500; veintreatmentcenter.com.