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Audi’s Ice-Driving Experience

Courtesy of Audi USA

Many of us consider skidding across a frozen pond on a cold winter’s day one of the greatest joys of childhood, and Audi has now recreated a similar thrill for adults. Its Ice Experience takes place on a wintertime course—usually a frozen lake in Sweden or Finland—against the backdrop of some of the most awe-inspiring settings on earth.

Audi hired a team of experts to teach intrepid drivers the ins and outs of handling an S5 Sportback, testing their abilities to navigate a slalom course or perfect handling skills while negotiating the frozen tundra. Uwe Fricker, a top driving instructor, says the experience isn’t just for thrill-seekers—there is a practical side, too. “Participants are learning how to maneuver their vehicles to avoid dangerous situations,” he says. “While driving against a stunning European landscape, they are also learning how to perfectly control a drift. Winter conditions are generally dangerous because people tend to lose control of their vehicles. When people participate in this program, we show them how to maintain control in even the most extreme conditions.” Fur coat not included. From $4,000;


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