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November 28, 2012

Heritage Auctions Puts Luxury on the Block

By Ingrid Skjong | auctions


© Courtesy of Heritage Auctions

Whether attracting collectors hot on the trail of an intriguing find or strategic shoppers after a treasure at an excellent price, the Holiday Luxury Auction (December 4), spearheaded by Heritage Auctions, is a veritable jackpot. “We travel to clients across the United States, North America and worldwide to curate an auction of the most sought-after accessories,” says Matt Rubinger, director of luxury accessories. “Because we do the largest auctions in this category, we get offered quite a bit of product, most of which we end up turning down.”

The most collectible pieces include exotic Chanel and ultra-scarce Hermès—like a black crocodile Paris-Biarritz travel bag and an exceedingly rare diamond-and-black-crocodile Birkin, respectively. (The same Birkin—one of many on the block—in red sold last year for a record-shattering $203,150.) Even the most fervent collectors in the world have not seen many of the goods.

The third-largest auction house in the world, Heritage Auctions will hold the sale online and in Dallas. “We are the only house that dedicates a full auction, a full catalog and serious expertise to these very valuable pieces,” says Rubinger. And that bodes well this time of year, when a special little something could be the next item up for sale. December 4; ha.com/luxury.