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Photo courtesy of Perrier

Pop artist Andy Warhol’s iconic work is among the most sought after—and expensive—in the world. And much of this work (including Warhol’s legendary screen prints of Campbell’s Soup cans) incorporated branded products, thus transforming everyday items into art. Continuing this history, the Warhol Foundation has joined forces with Perrier in honor of the sparkling water’s 150th anniversary this year.

The project resurrects Warhol’s 1983 Perrier series—which captured the iconic green-glass bottles in Day-Glo polymer paint and silkscreen ink on canvas—via four limited-edition bottle designs, each including a signature Warhol quote. Fans can even enter to win an original Warhol screen print as part of Perrier’s Take Home a Warhol sweepstakes (through September 30). After all, as Warhol once famously observed, “Pop art is for everyone.”


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