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New Programs at the 2012 Armory Show

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Saying Yes

Celebrity chef Carla Hall on food, freedom, and always keeping an open mind.

Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay A9 is the speaker of your dreams.


Hear and Now

Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay A9 is the speaker of your dreams.

Bright Lights


Bright Lights

From the worlds of art, food, film, and fashion — seven icons of LA’s creative scene.

Marius Bercea, Temple as a Circus, 2011. Courtesy of the artist and Blain Southern, London.

When crowds of international artists, curators, collectors and critics converge in Manhattan this week for the annual Armory Show (running from March 8–11 at its traditional spot: Piers 92 and 94), they’ll have some exciting new programs to look forward to. As well as playing host to 120 exhibitors from around the globe, with a special emphasis on Nordic countries, this year’s fair will debut Armory Film, a new selection of contemporary video and experimental films by auteurs like Alex Prager and Andres Serrano. Solo Projects, another new initiative being unveiled this year, showcases single artist presentations, among them Wallace Whitney and Kate Owens. Perhaps most enticing of all, the festival is launching a new VIP hour, offering VIP ticket-holders the chance to view works and speak to exhibitors for an hour each day before the show opens to the general public.


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