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Richie Culver, Jason And The Astronauts, 2013

Artist Richie Culver is perhaps best known for combining words with painting and collage to form provocative, often emotionally charged pieces. But for “The Four Letter Word”—his first solo exhibit in three years, which opens September 5 at Skur 2 gallery in Stavanger, Norway—the British artist is delving into newer territory: photographic works developed through experimental techniques. Self-taught, Culver hit it big in 2011 when the Tate Modern displayed his work in a group show. This most recent journey to Norway (he exhibited in Stavanger two years ago and recently worked there) is a homecoming of sorts. We asked him about the new show.

Q: What do you love about Norway?
What struck me initially was how nice the people were—I've gone on to make some great friends in Stavanger. Also, the surrounding areas are really beautiful, and I love the small towns and the fjords.

Q: How do the pieces in the exhibit differ from what you normally do?
The works are a big departure from my past ones. I’m using a totally new technique. Before I was making more documentary/reportage photography of people and objects with an emphasis on my own living environment. Now I have started to really use photography as a medium to express my ideas and thoughts, which is more akin to how I approach my paint or drawing work. Also, the photography in the show is all manipulated. I am exploring lighting and exposure, a little like how one would explore working with photogram photography.

Q: What part of your world do you enjoy the most right now?
I really enjoy living in Berlin. I love it there. I had been in London for quite a while, and a change is just what I needed. I do enjoy collaborating, but I’m just enjoying working at the moment. I’m in a really good space, and I am creating works I’m really happy with.

Through September 29; Skansekaien 4006; 47/9710-1074;


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