May 29, 2013
By Katie Shapiro | Transportation

Bike Sharing Rides Into Aspen
Courtesy of We-Cycle

Forget luxury SUVs—bikes might just become the newest status symbol in Aspen. Adding to an already robust public-transit system, WE-cycle will make Aspen the first resort community in the country to adopt an official bike-sharing program. It’s the third project to launch in the cycling-centric state of Colorado and aims to make getting around town much easier and greener.

Formed in 2010, the long-awaited nonprofit debuts June 5 with 12 fully automated stations spread throughout Aspen’s core, giving users access to 100 bicycles from June through October. Transit is the ultimate WE-cycle goal, so the system was designed to encourage quick, short-distance trips (from $7) around town.

Mirte Mallory, WE-cycle’s director and one of its founders, was inspired by the benefits she saw bike sharing create for cities around the world and wanted the same solution available in her hometown. “Although we are a small community, we still face a lot of big-city challenges—traffic, air quality and especially parking,” she says. “Our hope is to really build on the bike culture that already exists here and have both locals and visitors use WE-cycle as a viable transportation option.”

Daily and season passes are available for purchase with a credit card at WE-cycle stations or online with a 30-minute ride maximum. And if you really want to ride the WE-cycle movement, adopt a bike for $1,500—the personal inscription on the chain guard will be all yours.