February 15, 2011
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Speakers made expressly for iPad docking are starting to roll out, and so far the best is the new iD9 portable system from iHome. Running on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it also serves as a stand and a charger, and its SRS TruBass circuitry (providing extra bass) and Reson8 high-end drivers deliver a full, non-tinny sound. The iD9 also works in tandem with iHome+Sleep (a free app that functions as a clock radio and a weather report) and iHome+Radio, which gives the user access to 10,000 Internet radio stations. Apple devotees can use it with their iPhones and iPods as well. At $100, it's an inexpensive yet sleek little package.

Photo Courtesy iHome

January 31, 2011
By Dispatch Departures | Lifestyle, Fitness


Since the 2006 opening of its first location on Manhattan's Upper West Side, SoulCycle has gained an impressive following obsessed with its high-intensity, full-body bike workout. Cofounders Elizabeth Butler and Julie Rice have built their company at an equally energetic rate over the past five years with two more NYC openings, outposts in Bridgehampton and Scarsdale and a pop-up location at the Mondrian hotel in Miami. SoulCycle's seventh location—a two-story, 60-bike studio with full-service locker rooms and a sleek in-house boutique carrying private labels and SoulCycle's own clothing line—opened in Union Square in early February. Its signature 45-minute candlelit SoulCycle workout, which combines spinning, hand weights and a mentally challenging course, and the much-raved-about Bands class, a 60-minute ride that tones the upper body and the core using resistance bands suspended from the ceiling, are both on offer. At 12 E. 18th St.; 212-208-1300;

Photo courtesy SoulCycle