April 30, 2014
By Ingrid Skjong | Boats

The Ultimate Powerboat
Courtesy of Hunton

Powerboats are traditionally anything but subtle. And in the case of those produced by British company Hunton—which is now available to the U.S. market for the first time in its 30-year history—they are also anything but mass manufactured, evidenced in the new bespoke 43-foot XRS43 (pictured above; from $800,000). “It’s a high-performance sports cruiser while also being a fabulous, very luxurious day boat,” says Hunton CEO Fiona Pool. “It is the perfect combination of speed, handling and luxury.“

Nearly any design idea is fair game, with a variety of colors (11), fabrics (13) and woods (beech and walnut included) available, as well as teak decking and leather upholstery. (A recent model featured Loro Piana cashmere and fully customized leather.) With room for eight to ten passengers, berths for two to four guests and a top speed of 80 miles per hour, the boats are as functional as they are beautiful. Each is made by hand by a 32-person team in Hampshire, United Kingdom, and takes up to six months to complete. The company makes about 24 boats a year—and now, one of them can be yours.

“From 2010 the business has been under new ownership, and we are now taking the brand global,” says Pool. “It’s a really exciting time for us.”

November 20, 2013
By Christina Valhouli | Boats

New High-Performance Powerboats
Forest Johnson

Miami-based Giovanni Theodoli Marine Manufacturing (GTMM), owned by yacht-world veteran Giovanni Theodoli, is one of the newest luxury speedboat companies to enter the market. Theodoli has quite the boating pedigree. His mother, the Marchesa Katrin Theodoli, owns famed Magnum Marine (, which builds bespoke high-speed yachts that sell for between $1.5 and $10 million. (The king of Spain and Lenny Kravitz are clients.)

Theodoli grew up on the water in Magnum boats, often sailing from Miami to the Exumas for the day or summering in the Mediterranean to test out new models. After working at his family’s company for years, he recently partnered with boating veteran Scott V. Smith, a former world champion offshore powerboater, to launch his own high-performance powerboat venture, which he says takes a European approach to design without sacrificing speed or strength.

“We’re coming at it from a different vantage point,” he explains. “We didn’t do a typical offshore design with the standard white upholstery or over-the-top paint job. We went for a streamlined look.”

The fully customizable boats are elegant and clean—“like a Bentley on the water,” says Theodoli, who pares back dashboard controls for a minimalist look, upholsters interiors in leather and keeps to subdued paint hues. There are currently two offshore powerboat models available: the GTMM27 (from $250,000) and the GTMM39 (from $600,000), with the latter topping out at a speed of more than 100 miles per hour.