Best New Custom Clothing for Men

A look at the best new ways for men to customize from head to toe.

Courtesy John Lobb
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The Boot

What comes after the lace-up?

To buy that first pair of bespoke John Lobb shoes is a rite of passage to some; a celebratory “I’ve arrived” for others. In either case, clients of the bespoke program are usually loyal for life—which leads to the question, what’s next? The answer comes in the brand’s Spirits of Capitals, a collection of shoes and boots introduced last summer and inspired by city capitals around the world. The program is meant to serve as a template for custom orders (which take about a year for the first pair and six months for subsequent orders). For example, there’s the gold Barenia derby low boot, a take on London’s sartorial style. Its calfskin and khaki-canvas combination can also be done in different colors or materials, and the Norwegian stitch can be swapped for a more traditional welt. Spirits of Capitals shoes start at $6,000;