Best Golf Courses for the Winter

Warm-climate courses to play in the winter.

Lonna Tucker
OF 11

For those who live in places where the game is a seasonal affair, winter golf has some unusual properties. After the forced layoff of the holidays and as golfers seek out their places in the sun, they often find the ball doesn’t quite behave the way it did back in July. The irons may be weird and finesse shots extra shaky at this time of year, but there’s a deep sense of satisfaction that comes from just being able to get outside and play at all.

There are many ways to approach winter golf. Some may be content with playing in a light sweater if it’s a great course, while others want to catch maximum rays. Some take the opportunity to tackle a PGA Tour venue; others just want to shake off the rust in a carefree way. Both ends of the spectrum are included in the following review of my ten personal winter favorites, along with the course I’m most looking forward to tackling whenever I make my maiden voyage Down Under.