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Celebrity dematologist Harold Lancer is expanding his Lancer Method products, which are targeted for the face and neck, to include a regimen for the body, too.

 “Your body deserves the same treatment as your face,” says Harold Lancer, the creator of the much-lauded Lancer Method line of products for the face and neck. “Because if they don’t match, the game’s over.” It’s why he has just launched a regimen for the body that focuses on tattletale areas, like hands and knees. Patients who really want to glow from head to toe can opt for the $8,000 Lancer Package, a total overhaul that he performs in his Beverly Hills office over a two- to three-month period incorporating Lancer Method products and treatments for the knees, elbows, upper thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms and “bra bulge” area