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Change of Season

Sloane Crosley picks out the best new books to take you from summer to fall.


The Design Lover’s Guide to Mexico City

American design icon Kelly Wearstler shares her top spots for aesthetic awe.


What We’re Eating, Where We’re Going, and What We’re Loving in August

From a special object to a delicious meal, a captivating place to an unforgettable...

TWO YEARS AGO I moved out of the apartment I’d been living in for nearly two decades, an experience that had an unexpectedly seismic impact on both my psyche and sanity. Confronted with the collected detritus that comes with being an avid book collector, sentimental object-keeper, and lover of knick-knacks, I had to reckon with all of my stuff, which felt impossibly overwhelming. And while it was hard at first, I eventually found that being asked to consider all of my worldly possessions, and whether or not to take them with me, was ultimately satisfying, as was the act of moving. Moving is the ultimate perspective-shifter, and moving ourselves — whether it be all of our things or simply our own bodies — is inherent to growth and health. I didn’t realize how much I had needed the move, to shed unnecessary trappings, and how much lighter I would feel as a result.

As we roll into September, it feels like a good time to once again get moving. At Departures, we’ve been thinking about why this month carries with it such promise. Is it because with the school year starting, we have memories of freshly sharpened pencils and clean white paper? Is it because after the reverie of summer, we’re ready for a different kind of focus, a new crop of projects and collaborations? Whatever the reason, we’re raring to go. This month, our theme is Movement, and as usual, we’re interpreting the word in many ways. We’re bringing you a dose of wanderlust with the commanding global aesthetic of Aman luxury resorts; stories of those battling climate change by letting buffalo roam free in South Dakota; and a powerful mini-movement sequence to help bring more mindfulness into your day.



What We’re Eating, Where We’re Going, and What We’re Loving in July

From a special object to a delicious meal, a captivating place to an unforgettable...


Into the Labyrinth

Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto tells a story in salt.


On a Greek Peninsula, a Manor With Literary Cred

At the Patrick Leigh Fermor House, a romantic past comes to life in the present.


What does it mean to move? How much of our lives are shaped by movements — physical, political, cultural, spiritual — and how does movement keep us feeling alive, alert, and healthy? These are things we find ourselves considering as we look toward fall and the end of another unpredictable year. After such a prolonged period of mandatory stillness, even the smallest movements now feel huge, exciting, and deeply necessary. Whether it be making a move from the city to the country, taking a leisurely drive with a friend, learning to dance, or considering a radical mid-life career change, this month is all about shaking off the old and embracing the new.

Here’s to what moves you.

Our Contributors

T. Cole Rachel Writer

T. Cole Rachel is the deputy editor of Departures. A Brooklyn-based writer, editor, and teacher with over 20 years of experience working in print and digital media, his writing has appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Interview, and the Creative Independent.

Pelle Cass Photographer

Pelle Cass is an artist and photographer based in Brookline, Massachusetts. Upcoming shows: Solo shows of "Crowded Fields" will be exhibited at Foto Relevance Gallery, Houston, in September and Pictura Gallery, Bloomington, Indiana, in spring, 2022. The deCordova Museum, Lincoln, Massachusetts, will present "New Formations," including Mr. Cass' work, in January 2022.


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