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Catch a Private Flight to the Caribbean 

Fly south to the sun for the holidays with XOJET, which owns and operates the largest charter fleet of super midsize jets in the country. Depart and return from the islands on your own schedule, and bring the whole family — pets are welcome, too. In addition to onboard entertainment systems, the entire fleet is equipped with complimentary wi-fi.

What jet will suit your needs best? XOJET Aviation Advisors source the optimal aircraft for your trip from their fleet and partner fleet of more than 900 jets, each carefully vetted against meticulous safety standards. You’ll receive multiple options from which to make a selection.

The Airport — and Aircraft — Advantage

Private jets offer travelers greater access to smaller airports that can’t accommodate large commercial airlines. Of course, not all runways and private jets are the same. And challenging airports require aircraft to meet specific requirements in order to land.

A flagship aircraft in XOJET’s fleet, the Bombardier Challenger 300 is an ideal combination of performance and comfort for flights into airports with runway limitations.

For instance, getting to Anguilla — known for unrivaled white beaches, breathtaking turquoise seas and exclusive resorts — normally necessitates landing on a nearby island with a larger airport such as St. Maarten. Following arrival, visitors then either ferry over or transfer to a smaller aircraft to reach the destination. On a private XOJET, you can fly into Anguilla directly.

The XOJET Team

One of the largest private aviation companies in the U.S., XOJET has built a solid infrastructure to empower clients with more information and more control to provide a superior flying experience.

XOJET's experienced flight crews have earned the company the highest safety ratings in the industry. And their 24x7 Operations Center oversees each trip, from real-time weather monitoring to flight tracking.

Dedicated Aviation Advisors with national coverage work with clients to create the smartest and most efficient way to travel, providing expert and transparent advice. For instance, when required they may request a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Overflight Exemption, which allows overflying certain airports and completing the (CBP) processing at your ultimate destination.

As a client-focused company, XOJET often delights and surprises clients by overdelivering on service. It can also work with its concierge partners to curate complete travel experiences, from luxury adventures to yacht charters to exclusive culinary, resort and destination access in the USA, the Caribbean and beyond.

The Smart Alternative to Fractional Flying

As a pioneering on-demand charter company with clear, pay-as-you-fly pricing, XOJET offers its customers the benefits of fractional jet card and membership programs without aircraft type limitations, long-term commitments or upfront costs.

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