Everything You Need to Watch This Weekend

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What to see in theaters (and stream at home) now.


If Marvel’s Infinity War has too thoroughly pummeled your eyeballs into submission, a good dose of quiet nonfiction might be just the thing. In our post-2016 election climate, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has emerged as a cherished, liberal icon—her diminutive frame belying her gargantuan social stature. (Kate McKinnon’s outrageous SNL impression of her doesn’t hurt either). But now, with their new documentary RBG, Betsy West and Julie Cohen provide the most intimate look yet into Bader Ginsburg's life. Filled with family stories and anecdotes about her famed friendship with her philosophical opposite, Antonin Scalia, the film tells an inspiring tale of how the notorious RBG ascended to the law’s highest bench through doggedness, grace, and a sharp mind that hasn’t lost a step. The good reviews all say the same thing: RBG is a refreshingly straightforward film with a keen eye and an appreciation for a thoughtful civility that our current climate so desperately lacks. In theaters May 4; rbgmovie.com.

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The Rain

When you’re in high school, every day can feel like the end of the world—and now, The Rain, Netflix's first Danish original series, asks: what if it was? Co-written by one of the creators of the internationally adored Danish political drama Borgen, the series centers on a brother and sister who survive a mysterious plague-filled rain that wiped out most of humanity. When they emerge into a dystopian wasteland after living in a secret bunker for six years, the sister struggles to protect her younger brother as she races to unravel the mystery of the rain—and along the way, discovers her brother might be the key to saving humanity. Premieres on Netflix May 4; netflix.com.