What to Watch in January 2017

Your guide to the month’s must-watch movies, TV shows, and series to stream.

Courtesy PBS
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Are you ready for the Brave New World that will be 2017? New Year, new President, new world order: Yes, once you’ve shaken off the inevitable New Year’s Eve hangover, it’ll be time to buckle up and get back to work. Still, it probably won’t be long before you find yourself yearning for a diversion—anything but Twitter and Facebook that is. Sadly, January’s not typically much of a month for great new material on the big screen or the small: New studio releases tend to be afterthoughts as the Oscar hopefuls squat in theaters ahead of the Academy Awards, and traditionally only second-string TV series premiered in January. Of course, that just means this month may be the perfect time to catch up on some old classics—ones that will inevitably take on new shades of meaning with our current state of the nation—and some interesting new series to keep yourself informed (how did we get here?) or distracted (doesn’t Victorian England look quaint?) as 2017 unfolds.

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