Reed and Delphine Krakoff’s Art and Furnishings at Sotheby’s 

Courtesy Sotheby's

On May 23, Sotheby’s in New York City will auction off a selection of Delphine and Reed Krakoff’s home furnishings and personal collection of fine art. The Krakoffs (known for their joint collecting style and Reed’s design career; he’s now at Tiffany and Co.) will be auctioning works from artists including: Damien Hirst, François-Xavier Lalann, and Alberto Giacometti. 

Boldly declaring their offering “A Collection That We Dreamt Of,” Delphine and Reed Krakoff are set to auction more than 150 pieces of art and design on May 23 at Sotheby’s in New York City. Among the pieces from the Krakoffs (Reed was formerly the creative director at Coach and now has the same position at Tiffany & Co.) will be works from Damien First, Diego Giacometti, Jean-Michel Frank, and Claude and Francois-Xavier Lalanne, along with many other pieces including 18th- and 19th-century American and French furniture and Post-War and contemporary design and contemporary Art.

Courtesy Sotheby's

The New York City-based Krafkoffs are known for both their taste levels—Houses That We Dreamt Of: the Interiors of Delphine and Reed Krakoff was a best-selling coffee table book—and collecting strategy, as evidenced by the art and design that has filled their homes in New York City, East Hampton, Connecticut, and Paris.

The top lots are expected to be from Hirst, a 2005 work expected to fetch $600,000; Lalanne’s sheep and ottomans, which could reach $1 million; a sofa from Jean-Michel Frank; and, fittingly, an early 1900s Tiffany chandelier, bidding on which will start at $150,000.