Snark Park's Multi-Sensory Exhibit Launches Inside Hudson Yards

David X Prutting/

Please do touch the art. Snarkitecture's first new exhibition is built for the Instagram era. 

After years of planning, New York's 28-acre mixed-use private real estate development, Hudson Yards, finally opened its shiny new doors on March 15.

Inside, the seven-story structure houses more restaurants than you could visit in a weekend, four skyscrapers, an inner transportation hub called The Vessel, and enough shops to rival the most extensive mall you've ever visited. Among those shops, you'll find New York-based design studio Snarkitecture's permanent new exhibition space, "Snark Park".

David X Prutting/

For those unfamiliar with the studio, Snarkitecture is known for its subversive, out-of-this-world designs. One example of their work is as a private airplane wrapped entirely in a blue gradient (covering all the windows, even the pilot’s) so that it disappears against the sky.

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The studio's new space, Snark Park, will reveal three immersive exhibitions each year and serve as an incubator for their creative ideation. "Lost and Found" is their first show. Described as "a modern-day enchanted forest," the multi-sensory exhibition is built from a series of massive, inhabitable columns, each offering a unique and tangible experience. It launched to the public on Friday with a special event for American Express Platinum Card Members who could purchase a select number of tickets and attend alongside Snarkitechture VIPs including Joe Jonas, Nigo and Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi. 

“Many of our studio’s past projects have been housed within sites that were not our own––from Bounce in Hong Kong to Fun House at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC., we had to contend with pre-existing spaces,” says Snarkitecture partner Ben Porto. “With Snark Park, the space is ours. Visitors will recognize our aesthetic from the very moment they see the entryway façade. One might say Snark Park represents our practice in its purest form.”

Snarkitecture partners Ben Porto, Alex Mustonen, and Daniel Arsham. David X Prutting/

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Snark Park is also partnering with KITH Treats for an exclusive new ice cream flavor, Snark Bite, which will be available to visitors alongside KITH Treats’ standard offerings. Visitors can also purchase limited edition souvenirs developed by Snarkitecture. The first collection comprises items such as snow globes, notebooks, umbrellas, tumblers, and more.

There's also the opportunity to buy the plush “Snarky” toy found in the claw machine at the entryway. “Snarky” will become part of a collectible series. 

Snark Park is located on the second level of the shops and restaurants at 20 Hudson Yards. To purchase tickets, visit “Lost and Found” is on display through to August 2019.