Russia 2007: Your Own Private Moscow

Recently spotted on the Sotheby's Realty Web site: "Four-story home, six bedrooms, six bathrooms, 13,500 square feet, on top of the famous luxury condominium Vienna House in downtown Moscow. Air-conditioning, heating, power station, two elevators, water from 850-foot-deep well with a purification system, rooftop helipad, 70-foot indoor pool, two winter gardens, two gyms, and more. Antonio D'Andrea, interior designer for Madonna, Elton John, Roman Abramovich, and other celebrities, created a special look for this home. In prime shell condition but could in short time be transformed into palace in accordance with new owner's wishes. Five-minute walk to the Moscow River and to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, seven-minute drive to the Kremlin and two minutes to the U.S. embassy. In a very secure area of the city, with many embassies nearby. Contact Alex Orloff at 7-905/507-8097 or"