Russia 2007: Pop Playlist

Mikhail Kozyrev is the guru of Russian rock. After a stint at a college station while studying in the United States, he returned home in 1994. As deejay, producer, creator of a radio network for Boris Berezovsky and Rupert Murdoch, and now writer—his memoir, My Rock and Roll, was recently published—Kozyrev has done more to shape post-Soviet music than anyone else. This is what he's listening to now.


Girls Sing

"Probably the best known Russian band in Europe. Known for great live shows, they used to play at the Leningrad Rock Club, the seminal Soviet-era venue for underground music."

Diana Arbenina & Night Snipers

Bonnie and Clyde

"Diana Arbenina is a Russian Alanis Morissette in terms of passion, lyrics, and sincerity. I wouldn't classify this in any genre—just a very gifted band."


Four Shores

"This Latvian group is probably the most famous band to come out of the Baltics. They have toured with everyone from the Cranberries to Depeche Mode."

Mumiy Troll


"If Ilya Lagutenko had grown up on a U.S. coast and not in Vladivostok, his band would be as big as R.E.M. This album is darker and more bitter than previous releases."