Russia 2007: How to Marry an Oligarch

Rumors of a bottomless well from which diamonds and Bentley Azures pour onto oligarchs' wives are slightly exaggerated. Sometimes a husband's generosity ends with an expensive wedding gift. If while wooing you he showered you with Chopard rings and Hermès purses, that doesn't mean that the gifts will keep coming. Or that you'll have any cash in your pocket. Many of our oligarchic girlfriends start their day by putting on beautiful blue diamonds, tossing on a sable, getting into their small, cozy roadster—and heading to their husband's office to beg for money because they have just 3,000 rubles in their pocket, barely enough for coffee and a roll at Mario's restaurant. Once again their husband forgot to leave them money on the night stand. He's very busy; he doesn't have time for such trivial things." —From To Marry a Millionaire, the wildly popular chick-lit novel by Oksana Robski and Kseniya Sobchak