Russia 2007: Blog Watch

Former KGB agent Alex­ander Lebedev is an outspoken member of parliament and one of the world's richest men (no. 237 on the Forbes list). He's also an active blogger. Blogging has become a popular way to avoid state controls over the media, and in his daily updates Lebedev gives a mix of oligarch's diary and political rant. Here's a random hit.—S.K.

This journal isn't meant to document every move I make. It's not a chronicle of the public service per­for­mance of Alexander Yev­gen­i­yevich Lebedev, citizen of the Russian Federation. It's not part of my political campaign. And it's not the bastard child of PR. On the con­trary, it's very much above anything mercan­tile since it doesn't cost me anything—not a cent, not a kopeck, only soul-searching and nerves. Here I write about only what I think is im­­portant to discuss with you, those who read this jour­nal.