Paris to Singapore: The Pinacothèque

© Giuseppe Schiavinotto

In June, Singapore opens its Pinacothèque museum, a spin-off the popular Pinacothèque de Paris.

Abu Dhabi will soon have its Louvre, and Helsinki may get a Guggenheim. This month, Singapore opens its Pinacothèque, the stealthiest of recent museum franchises. It’s the first offshoot of the privately run, wildly successful Pinacothèque de Paris. Founder Marc Restellini, a Modigliani expert and art historian, will curate three annual shows—and a permanent collection that includes Monet and Pollock—juxtaposing periods and mediums to unearth hidden connections. To wit: The opening exhibit, The Myth of Cleopatra, will display 2,000-year-old Egyptian artifacts alongside Renaissance paintings and comic strips. It’s a clever East-meets-West combination sure to fuel the debate over cultural colonization. At Fort Canning Arts Centre, 5 Cox Terrace, Singapore;