On View: Sally Gall’s New “Aerial” Series

In her latest series, now showing in New York, the photographer transforms the mundane into vibrant, disorienting works of art.

Courtesy the artist
OF 10

Over the course of her career, artist and DEPARTURES contributing photographer Sally Gall has explored the poetry embedded in everyday life. Her exhibit, “Aerial,” on view at New York’s Julie Saul Gallery from September 8–October 22, 2016, showcases her latest rumination on the theme: laundry drying on clotheslines in Venice, Sicily, and Havana. Here, like in her other work, Gall mines the seemingly mundane subject, for all its worth, capturing clothing as it morphs into ethereal and occasionally erotic shapes. She first conceptualized the show wandering through an Italian seaside town on a windy day. “I was struck by the fantastic movement of floating colors overhead,” she writes in her artist statement. “Clotheslines full of drying laundry, crisscrossing the streets and alleys from balconies, billowing and fluttering, choreographed by the wind…‘Aerial’ continues my photographic investigation of the sensual properties of the natural world (light, air, wind, sky) and our interactions with it.” On the occasion of the series debut today, Gall talks about the nine works she’s most excited to showcase.

“Aerial” opens September 8 at Julie Saul Gallery, located at 535 W. 22nd St.; Tuesday – Friday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.; saulgallery.com.