Mumbai: That Personal Touch

Mark Luscombe-Whyte

Somewhere between grande dame and enfant terrible, shopping maven and urban guide, Monica Chudasama Vaziralli knows everyone in Mumbai— tailors and jewelers, restaurateurs and nightlife impresarios—and she’s ready to make introductions. With her huge brown eyes, silver hair, and style that’s less sari and more Versace, Vaziralli plans outings that feel the pace and cover the space of the city. Her trips can get a little manic, but those with stamina won’t be disappointed. She’s glamorous, enthusiastic, a dear and a doyenne. Buy whatever she suggests: She knows where the best of the best is to be found, from lovely table linens to—damn, I wish I had listened!—big gray topaz earrings pavéed with diamonds and sea pearls for just…$800. I know, I know. And did we mention she’s a socialite descended from Rajput royalty? From $500 a day; 91-98/2007-8611